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Welcome to The Family Network!

Communication, Identity, Strategy

The Family Network is a full-service communication agency located in Bologna, focussing on advertisement, graphic design, packaging, web design and marketing.
We customise ideas to improve and exalt the image of your company and your brand, thanks to useful and innovative solutions for graphics, commercial and websites.
We give voice to your communication needs with strategic projects of brand identity.


The Family. This is not not only our name, but it represents our emotions, character and typical way we do things. We seek for a bound with the companies we work with. Don’t ask us for a single product or service, but we are interested in your projects and targets. We want to build a unique team including you, because we want to trace your business story. We are at ease sharing problems, but especially solutions and strategies. We are willing to build sincere and steady relationships. This is why our customer is for us a member of the family and in our agency it feels like at home. We take care of image, communication and identity of brand, so when a company decides to trust us, we feel responsible for the smile of our clients!


We are not an agency only, we are many agencies

We are not an agency only, we are many agencies: one for each project that we carry out together with our customers. This is the Network: a light structure with high professionalism, which changes skin every time a task requires it. Gathering the best field professionals on the market, we complete tasks timely and we manage to reach high quality results. Work becomes a laboratory where art directors, web designers, photographers and copywritersmelt together. Each project is an opportunity for us to move from Bologna all over Italy. What gives us stability?
We’re lightweight, dynamic and curious.

Idea Factory

Communicating means to give form to ideas

Advertising, below the line, corporate identity, web marketing, packaging, social media, brand, label, emotional marketing, house organs, guerrilla marketing. These words describe the task of our agency, but today all these categories are slightly tight for The Family. Communicating means to give form to ideas, build identities, inspire emotions, imagine worlds, plan strategies. In our luggage are surprise, intelligence, creativity and humor. What counts for us are the ideas and their effectiveness.

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